Cardiovascular Surgery

• Closure of intracavitary defects

• Enlargement of the right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT)

• Aortic annulus during valve replacement

• Treatment of aortic and left ventricular aneurysms

• Atrial and ventricular repair

• Peripheral vascular repair and reconstruction

• Etc.

Thoracic Surgery

• Closure of bronchial stumps

• Diaphragmatic closures

• Treatment of congenital chest wall defects

• Treatment of congenital traumatic wall defects

• Etc.

Soft Tissue Repair

• Suture-line re-enforcement

• Soft tissue repair and reconstruction

• Urological cystoplasty and urethroplasty

• Neurosurgery: repair and reconstruction of the dura mater

• Etc.