Headquartered in Switzerland, Sigvaris is the global market leader in the manufacture of medical compression garments. They have their own production plants in Switzerland, France, Poland, USA and Brazil, subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, England, Italy, Canada, China, Australia, Mexico, a branch in the United Arab Emirates and distributors in more than 70 countries.

All Sigvaris products have a wide range of textile qualities and materials, with an entire range for compression pressure classes I to IV for the treatment of minor vein complaints through to advanced lymphatic diseases.

Compression Therapy is the application of graduated external pressure to the affected limb to reduce venous pressure within the limb. Graduated pressure means providing highest pressure at the ankle and decreasing pressure going up the leg. This helps in venous return, reducing venous pressure, preventing venous stasis and deterioration of venous walls, thus reducing venous leg complaints such as heaviness and pain. Benefits of this therapy are restoration and improvement of blood flow, reduction of edema and preventing progression of venous and lymphatic diseases.

Cotton stockings are particularly suitable for customers with sensitive skin, ensuring greater comfort and well-being. The mix of fibers also ensures balanced temperature in fluctuating climatic conditions.

• For women and men with sensitive skin
• Excellent thermoregulation
• Opaque with a subtle ribbed texture
• Optimal mix of fibres means that the stocking slides on and off easily
• SWISS MADE quality seal

Compression Level:


Traditional stockings are suitable when a high degree of safety and effectiveness is required. These stockings are elastic, breathable and are extremely comfortable to wear.

• Maximum pressure stability throughout the day
• Excellent strength-stretch ratio
• Great medical benefits for safe and successful treatment
• High wearing comfort thanks to special elasticity and good air permeability
• With refined natural rubber

Compression Level:


The most affordable stocking in the range, TOP FINE SELECT is the ideal companion throughout the day. Even though it is inexpensive, it is produced in accordance with the German RAL standard that guarantees high quality. Its OPAQUE structure discreetly hides the visible signs of a venous problem, giving the wearer confidence in any situation. Thanks to the fine combination of high - quality yarns, these stockings are pleasantly comfortable to wear and whats is more, they look attractive.

• Opaque structure
• Only best-selling models
• Sock/stocking of attractive appeal

Compression Level:


An innovative and patented thin under-stocking combined with the proven and highly successful original.
The Sigvaris Ulcer X kit consists of:
1x TRADITIONAL calf-stocking CCL 2 (23–32 mmHg)
2x Patented understockings (15-20 mmHg)

• Ease of application promotes compliance as compared to bandaging, which requires medical expertise for application
• Successful treatment without compromising wound dressing
• Significantly reduced pain lets the patient rest comfortably.

The optimal soft fabric stocking convinces with its convenient inspection hole for post-surgery thrombosis prophylaxis. The anti-embolism stocking with graduated compression exerts a minimum compression pressure of around 18 mmHg in the ankle region. It must only be used by patients when lying down!

• Graduated compression
• ca. 18 mmHg compression around the ankle region
• Breathable, prevents heat build-up
• Kind to the skin
• Soft, delicate material
• Easy to don
• Flawless and crease-free
• Non-slip
• Reinforced heel and inspection hole on all models
• Adjustable band with hip fastening

• After surgery (especially abdominal / pelvic and orthopaedic surgery)
• After fractures or injuries to the leg
• Patients with impaired mobility

The durable all-rounder. For him and for her.

Prolonged sitting or standing – torture for weak veins! Support stockings by SIGVARIS actively support the health of your legs. Well-being increases, and you can concentrate on your work day in and day out or pursue leisure activities.

Every time you sit for a long period of time without moving your legs, the risk of travel thrombosis increases – whether you're travelling by air, car or train. Swelling and painful legs are possible symptoms. Traveno promotes circulation in your legs by applying gentle pressure. A scientific study has proven that SIGVARIS Traveno provides considerable health benefits.

• Traveno will come in handy wherever you go.
• Intensive graduated support
• Reduces swelling
• Breathable and easy to clean
• Ideal for long journeys

The Doff n’ Donner is a very soft device that allows you to quickly and painlessly slide compression stockings on or off. This device is suitable for use by stocking wearers themselves, as well as caregivers.

• Facilitates the donning and removal of compression stockings and promotes treatment compliance
• Less effort spent on donning and removal
• Allows compression stockings to slide painlessly over wounds, scars and open legs
• Suitable for use by the wearers themselves, as well as caregivers
• Is extremely durable and suitable for different leg shapes
• Extends the life of the compression stockings
• Suitable for models A–D calf stockings and A–G thigh stockings with/without grip top in all sizes and compression classes as well as with open or closed toe

You can use Simon to don and doff your compression stocking quickly, effortlessly, and with very little exertion. It can even be used if you have limited mobility. This device will accompany you on trips and can be easily stowed when it’s not needed.