Daesung Maref

DS Maref is a Korean company that manufactures and merchandises various pneumatic systems. Its main categories are Medical, Esthetic and Home Care.

Its brand, Doctor Life, is globally recognized in the field of air compression applied medical equipment.

This is an easy and effective home care device that can expand and massage the legs through its pump function. Its compression movement helps relax your whole body, and helps remove stress.

The compression therapy delivers soft and safe air pressure without electronic effects.

• Pressure Range: Max 240mmHg(+/- 15%)
• Time Range: 10 / 20 / 30 minutes

A device used to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis.

After undergoing surgery or due to an external wound, some patients develop thrombotic diseases. For high risk patients who also suffer from strokes, cannot be prescribed oral anti-coagulants or are likely to experience bleeding side effects, DVT 2600 is the physical DVT prevention system to turn to.

• No Side effects like bleeding as in anti-coagulants
• Two times increase in blood velocity based on clinal tests
• Combine with anti-coagulants or compression stockings for high-risk patients
• High quality cuff material