W.L. Gore’s medical division makes vascular grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, and surgical meshes used by healthcare professionals to improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Devices currently available in India include vascular grafts, surgical meshes and sutures.

• GORE-TEX® Thin-walled Stretch Vascular Grafts

• GORE-TEX® Standard-walled Stretch Vascular Grafts

• GORE-TEX® Vascular Grafts configured for Pediatric Shunts

• GORE-TEX® Vascular Graft for Aortic Surgery

• GORE-TEX® Bifurcated Stretch Vascular Grafts with Thin-walled Limbs

• GORE-TEX® Thin-walled Vascular Grafts

• GORE-TEX® Standard-walled Vascular Grafts

• GORE-TEX® Tapered Stretch Vascular Graft

• GORE-TEX® Thin-walled FEP Ringed Stretch Vascular Graft

• GORE® INTERING® Vascular Graft

• GORE® PROPATEN® Thin-walled Vascular Graft

• GORE® PROPATEN® Standard-walled Vascular Graft

• GORE-TEX® Cardiovascular Patch

• GORE® ACUSEAL Cardiovascular Patch

• GORE® PRECLUDE® Pericardial Membrane

• GORE-TEX® Suture

• GORE-TEX® Suture for Chordae Tendineae