IceCure has developed a next–generation cryoablation technology platform, based on advanced liquid nitrogen treatment, that uses freezing temperatures to destroy tumors safely, quickly and painlessly without the need for surgery.

Commercially available in the U.S.A., Europe, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Singapore and South- Central America, its flagship system, ProSense® enables rapid, minimally-invasive and effective treatment of tumors in office or ambulatory hospital settings.

The ProSense® system offers an ultrasound / CT probe-guided treatment that generates sub-zero temperatures to turn the tumor into an ice ball for accurate destruction of diseased tissue, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

• Easy-to-use, customizable system
• Full physician control over procedure (automatic and manual)
• Real-time imaging & monitoring
• Various sized probes for targeted iceball formation & tissue destruction
• Rapid in-office/CT procedure
• High patient satisfaction and fast recovery

Clinical studies conducted worldwide demonstrate that cryoablation is safe and effective in treating a wide variety of tumors, including breast, kidney, lung, liver, bone and prostate.

“Cryoablation is a procedure that we know is safe, efficacious, cost effective and cosmetically superior to surgical removal. IceCure has improved upon the technology and developed a system optimized for breast fibroadenoma. My patients have been very happy with the short, painless procedure, and the ability to return to normal activity immediately.”
- Andrew Kenler, MD, FACS


ICE3 is the largest controlled multilocation clinical trial ever performed for nitrogen-based cryoablation of small, low-risk, early-stage malignant breast tumors without subsequently removing them. The trial began in 2014 and involves 19 hospitals and medical centers across the US, including Columbia University Medical Center and Mount Sinai Beth Israel. An initial overview of the ICE3 trial was presented at the Annual Meeting of The American Society of Breast Surgeons.