F Care Systems

F Care Systems is a leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic equipment. Its focus lies on the treatment of various types of varicose veins and hemorrhoids based on the principle of thermocoagulation. The company develops innovative equipment, such that the treatment for patients is perceived as painless, thus increasing comfort.

The headquarters of F Care Systems is located in Antwerp, Belgium. It has branch offices in France, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. FCare products are being sold in more than 19 countries all over the world. To ensure the quality of these products, the company holds ISO 9001 and the ISO 13485 medical device manufacturing quality certification. Furthermore, their medical products are CE (European Conformity) and FDA-USA (510K) certified.

THE EVRF is an all-in-one device for the treatment of different kinds of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

• Spider Veins
• Petechia
• Rosacea
• Reticular Veins
• Collateral Veins
• Perforating Veins
• Saphena Magna
• Hemorrhoids

For the treatment, an appropriate needle or catheter is connected to the device. Which catheter is used depends on the size of the vein that is being treated.


 Patients  Physicians
 • No pain during and after treatment  • Easy to use
 • No pigmentation or allergic skin reaction  • Permanent occlusions
 • No dermatological reactions due to chemical compound  • All body parts
 • High esthetic outcome  • Semi-sterile environment (private practice)
   • No chemical agent in the body
   • Collateral, peripheral and perforating veins can be treated